Snow On Them There Hills?

Friday, February 25th, 2011 @ 9:28 am | City Living, Neighborhoods, Seasons of San Francisco, Views of San Francisco

Got snow?

San Francisco is at sea level, so it is a big deal for us to have snow predicted in the next couple of days…whether or not we get some. 

In fact, San Francisco has only had snow on the ground 11 times in the past 155 years. 


Snow possible in San Francisco now?

The last time we had snow in San Francisco was 35 years ago on February 5, 1976 with one inch of snow.

Much of the terrain in San Francisco is hilly, so to have snow on our 7 Hills in San Francisco will be quite a treat!

San Francisco's typography for views

What makes San Francisco so special for everyone living in San Francisco is that we all have so many beautiful views of the hills and/or of the water…and now with snow?

Probably the best vantage point for snow sightings will be from the top of our highest hill, Twin Peaks at 922 feet above sea level, right smack dab in the center of the city with 360 degree views of the Pacific Ocean to the West, the San Francisco Bay to the North and East, and the Peninsula to the South. 

Get your camera out and make history  & share those pictures of your neighborhood…if and when it snows!




Spring is in the air???

Monday, April 21st, 2008 @ 8:22 am | Neighborhoods, Seasons of San Francisco

The sun is out and so are the birds and the bees and that’s not all.

Walking along the Sea Wall in front of the Marina Green in the Marina, San Francisco, CA

Walking along the waterfront in front of the? Marina????s small craft harbor this time of year, there is a lot of activity, as boaters are awaiting for the Opening Day of Yacht Season just one week away.

Yet that’s not all one can see if one just looks over the sea wall near the docks…

Two geese in the Marina Small Craft Harbor are proud parents of a little duckling this morning, San Francisco, CA

There are two proud parents?and their?little duckling swimming around completely unnoticed.?




How’s the roof…it’s raining?

You can imagine ??œHow????s the roof?????would be a common question I would receive during a rainy Sunday Open House.?

?Drip Drip Drip -Credits go to

Unlike other parts of the world, San Francisco‘s?rainy season?is considered from October through April with an average annual rainfall of 20.4 inches per year.?During the rest of the year, our San Francisco streets?may be wet in the early morning, although we just call that “fog dew”

?So selling homes in San Francisco during the winter may be considered as the perfect time of year?to test if the roof is currently leaking or not by looking for the?tell tale signs of discoloration on the ceiling, around skylights and windows.??Inherently?a ??œgood??? roof can leak if the gutters, scuppers, and downspouts are clogged and water finds its way in.???I like to?remind Sellers that prudent Buyers will?locate those areas on the exterior before walking into an Open House.?? As the?agent holding the Open House (and especially if it is raining), I?customarily have the?San Francisco Sellers???? Disclosures out in plain view for Buyers to review.? ?

I?highlight the?six questions in the disclosures asking the?Seller to disclose his knowledge of any present or past water inclusion; even leaks have been repaired and/or stopped.? Below are two of the six questions about?water inclusion:???San Francisco????s customary Seller????s Disclosure question regarding their knowledge of present or past leaks, CA? ??

As in any time of the year, I recommend to Sellers to have their homes staged and rooms freshly painted before the property goes on the market.? Areas of past leaks will most likely be concealed, so it is extremely important for Buyers to not just look for leaks and read the Seller’s disclosures.?

Of course, for Sellers and Buyers to really understand what they are selling and/or buying, it is always prudent to have an expert do a written physical inspection of the property.?If the report states the?roof is near?the end of its useful life or shows signs of present or past leakage, I?always recommend to get a further inspection from the best roofer in town whether I am the Seller’s agent or the Buyer’s agent to really know, “How’s the roof?”?




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