Marina Trivia Is Worth Knowing

Marina neighbors know and?tourist’s books show that there is an?island on the Lagoon at the Palace of Fine Arts.? The Lagoon at the Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina District, San Francisco, CA

Yet, it is worth knowing what the coveted 2000 block of Jefferson has been touting for decades…and that is, there is another island in the Marina District of San Francisco.

Over the years, these neighbors have shared and accumulated?documentation showing that they are living on top of an?”ancient island” that was mapped as early as?1789,? just off of?”Wash Woman Cove”.

The prized sketch showing the ??œancient island??? surrounded by water in the Marina, San Francisco, CA

These neighbors know the “ancient island” as “Strawberry Island” surrounded by an estuary to the West and South West and the Bay to the North and North East?extending over portions of 10 blocks in the?Marina.?

Excerpted from the National Geologic Map Data Base -the Marina????s Strawberry Island is also shown as ??œQb???, San Francisco, CA

The National Geologic Map Data Base for the Marina also shows “Strawberry Island” as “Qb” made up of coarse gravel and large cobble stones.

?Explanation of Surfical Deposits show the ??œQb??? is coarse sand, gravel and cobble stones in the Marina, San Francisco, CA,?

This little bit of Marina trival is worth?knowing, if you live on “Strawberry Island”.




Know Your Free Days at the California Academy of Sciences

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 @ 10:57 am | City Living, In The Marina, Neighborhoods, San Francisco

Since the?California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park newly re-opened in September 2008, everyone has been anxiously waiting for their neighborhood’s zip code’s?free day.

The Northside of San Francisco has their free days in May and October in 2009 at the Caifornia Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park?

Mark your calendar as your zipcode’s 3 free days only come twice this year.

On the Northside of the city in zip codes 94115 (Pacific Heights,? Lower Pacific Heights, and Western Addition), 94118 (Presidio Heights, Laurel Heights, Jordan Park, Lake Street, Lone Mountain and the Inner Sunset) and 94121 (Sea Cliff,?Central and Outer Richmond) and 94129 (The Presidio), the free days are May 15-17 and October 2-4, 2009.

San Francisco Free Neighborhood Days for Zip Codes 94115,94118,94121,94129, CA

On the Northside of the city in zip codes 94123 (the Marina and Cow Hollow), 94115 (Russian Hill) and 94133 (North Beach and Telegraph Hill) ,the free days are May 29-31 and October 16-18, 2009.

?California Academy of Sciences???? Free Days in San Francisco Neighborhoods by Zip Codes 94123, 94109, 94133, CA

Go green and take the bus.? And start early the Academy opens on Friday and Saturday at 9:30 AM and on Sunday they open at 11:00AM.

From the West end to the central Northside of San Francisco, the bus ride easy and?scenic.

Are you aware that Muni Bus 28 is the quickest way from the Marina to Golden Park??

Don’t forget to?provide?your proof of residency by either having with you, a postmarked envelope, postcard, or magazine with?your name and date. a driver’s license that was issued in the last 6 months, or?utility bill (i.e. PG&E?or cable), bank statement, or letter from?a government agency that has your name and?address.?

Go with a?friend?from the neighborhood and enjoy your free days together this spring….otherwise you will have to wait until October for your next free days.




Location and Done Is Our New Mantra

Friday, May 1st, 2009 @ 7:38 pm | Buyers, Homeownership, Market Trends, Real Estate, San Francisco, Sellers

It is May… and finally at last, the?”jumbo conforming” loans (up to $729,750) are now available and ironically just as?the new?appraisal rules (for lending) come into play this month.?

Buying on the Northside is buying in one of our best locations of San Francisco, CA

On the Northside of San Francisco the median asking price for Condos?is now $1,095,000 and for Homes, it is now?$3,495,000.

For stellar buyers that have been eyeing?prime located Condos and/or Homes in “done” condition?on the Northside of San Francisco, they are?now able to take full advantage of? a “jumbo conforming” loan (up to) $729,750 at an?attractive rate below 5% that the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac “conforming” loans (up to $417,000)?have been touting?for some time now this year.

Under Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac guidelines on the Northside of San Francisco:

29 Condos out of 179 Condos on the market have asking prices of $556,000 or less. Buyers for these 29 Condos are able to take full advantage of the lowest interest rates with 25% down payment and the “conforming” loan amount of $417,000.

An additional 52 Condos out of 179 Condos on the market have asking prices between $556,000 and $973,000.? Buyers for these 52 Condos are?able to take?full advantage of the lowest interest rates with 25% down payment and the?”jumbo conforming” loan of $719,750.

There is only one home out of 64 homes on the market is?asking price below $912,000 for Buyers to?take full advantage of the lowest interest rates with 20% down payment using the “jumbo conforming” loan amount of $719,750.

With the new appraisal rules, appraisers will be an “arms-distance” from the lender and a “done” condition will be a Seller’s best defense in getting an accepted offer closed.




Go On Your Own Treasure Hunt “In The Marina”

Sunday, April 12th, 2009 @ 7:22 am | City Living, In The Marina, Neighborhoods, San Francisco

Our annual “In the Marina” Spring Clean Garage Sale will be all day Saturday, April 25th.

?Looking for bargains at the annual ??œIn The Marina??? Neighborhood-wide Spring Clean Garage Sale, San Francisco, CA

This year, as every year, those Marina residents that participate “In the Marina” Spring Clean Garage Sale receive a free garage sale kit (upon request) with 3 garage sale signs from its sponsor,

1. Each Marina participant will determine when their garage sale begins and ends by placing one sign in front of their residence and the other two signs at both ends of their street. The participants will take down their signs when their own garage sale is over.

2. The San Francisco Sign Ordinance allows for garage sale signs posted on city streets provided that: (a) The garage sale signs will be posted only on city light street posts and/or muni poles (nothing will be posted on telephone poles, stop signs, etc.), and (b) The garage sale signs clearly state the date of the event?and its sponsor.

?Signs will be posted early Saturday morning with mini-map-flyers in the Marina to show where to look for bargains, San Francisco, CA

3. Early Saturday AM, April 25th, directional signs & mini-map-flyers will be posted on Chestnut St., Marina Blvd, Bay St., and/or Fillmore St. pointing into the Marina: (a) The mini-map-flyers on the directional signs will mark the block (not the address) where a garage sale signs kits were delivered & where one might expect a garage sale during the day, (b) Mini-map-flyers will also be available at the individual garage sale locations, and (c) The directional signs will be taken down and the mini-map-flyers removed by late Saturday afternoon on the street corners.

4. All participants are encouraged to post their own ads on and/or (San Francisco Chronicle) with the details of their garage sale (i.e. what they are selling & when they will be open) to increase everyone????s success in participating in ??œIn The Marina??? Neighborhood Annual Spring Clean Garage Sale.

5. As in years past, avid garage sale aficionados that scour the ads expect all garage sales to be promptly open between 8AM or 9AM???so Marina participants are encouraged to put their signs out early & be ready for bargain-hunters.

?Take a mini-map-flyer & go on a mini-exposition thoroughout the Marina in pursuit of finding a gem of a bargain, San Francisco, CA

6. This is a neighborhood event to have fun making some extra money, meeting one’s neighbors, keeping our neighborhood clean, and afterwards…treating ourselves well by shopping & eating out locally in the Marina.




The Annual “In The Marina” Spring Clean Garage Sale Is Back!

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 @ 10:18 am | City Living, In The Marina, Neighborhoods, San Francisco

It’s April and it is time to do some Spring Cleaning!

Watch for your?door hanger…and?get?inspired to have your own Garage Sale on April 25th “in the Marina”.

Get ready, its time for the annual ??œin the Marina??? garage sale, San Francisco, CA

So check out what you need to do to participate.

Your step by step ??œTo Do List??? in getting ready for the ??œIn the Marina??? Spring Clean Garage Sale, San Francisco, CA

It is an annual event and timely…perhaps for you(?).




On Your Mark, Get Set’s time to Get Going!

Thursday, March 12th, 2009 @ 9:57 pm | Buyers, Homeownership, Market Trends, Real Estate, San Francisco, Sellers

San Francisco’s tide is changing,?the sky is clearing, and spring is in the air. It’s time to quit?stretching…and getting ready to get ready.? It’s?time to get off the mark…

It is time to stop stretching and get out ahead and in the market now on the Marina Green in San Francisco, CA

Listen to this video?(below) to understand that multiple buyers in San Francisco are?no longer waiting to?get ready?and now are taking action.?

Real Estate Rebound Video from

Only one lucky Buyer bought each of these homes…leaving all these other Buyers still wanting to buy and ready to buy.

With this upsurge of 1st time Buyers’ demand in San Francisco, now is the time to do your homework,?get qualified, and be ready to?get what you want.

The tide is changing in San Francisco, the sun is coming out, spring is in the air…get going!




Affordability Today vs. Waiting At The Fence?

Monday, March 9th, 2009 @ 4:20 pm | Buyers, Homeownership, Market Trends, Real Estate, San Francisco, Sellers

Let’s put?waiting?at the fence?and affordability in perspective.

Waiting on the fence???is not all that is cracked up to be.

Historically speaking the affordability standard?has never?changed over the years for 1st time Buyers.?

What did change is those Buyers with no money (that bought in recent years) had a short time view on a long term investment.

Historically speaking - affordability is on the rise in San Francisco

Affordability?has always been reflected in?a comfortable monthly mortgage payment with?an initial cash investment into the property (i.e. down payment) and the peace of mind of?an interest rate?that is within one’s means now and for?the long term.


Go back 30 years or since 1971 and 30 year fixed rate loans from Freddie Mac can????t come close to today????s interest rates!

Today’s 1st time Buyers have a lot more going for them by getting off the fence?with lower interest rates, the federal government paying them to buy before 12/01/09 with a $8,000 tax credit,?and affordable prices.??




Recognizing the “Real Value” of 1 Bedroom Condos on the Northside

So far this year…1st time Buyers looking at Open Houses on the Northside of San Francisco may be finding the 1+ Bedroom condo market below $700,000 a bit complex…

Up to $700K On the Northside of San Francisco????s 1+ Bedroom Real Estate Market 2009 to 3-02

…even if you do the numbers?to check out price per square feet, days on the market/when properties came on the? market, original price?/current price, built date, …etc. etc. etc.??

This is not an ordinary market on the Northside of San Francisco. And Buyers that are really seriously looking to buy and do not have an agent yet…need an “experienced” agent?early on.

At my Open Houses now, I have set up an easel to show 1st time Buyers the opportunities they are not recognizing for themselves.

Illustrating that is no ordinary San Francisco real estate market but a rare moment of opportunity

Cutting through the numbers on a spreadsheet and visiting open houses is worth the time in recognizing this rare moment in time for 1st time Buyers on the Northside of San Francisco.

Yet,?there are actually 3 markets for one bedroom condos on?the North side of the city…

Three One Bedroom Condo Markets on the Northside of San Francisco, CA in early March 2009

… and without recognizing these 3 markets, one will not to?see the “real values” of buying in?the one bedroom condo market?on the Northside of San Francisco.

Market One – New construction with & without parking located on the edges of the Northside of San Francisco.?

Market Two – Condos without parking or with only leased parking available are generally considered the lower end of the market.

Market Three- Condos with parking (deeded) that is included in the price of the condo?tend to have the highest resale value of all three markets.

Recognizing the?”real value” of?each of these one bedroom markets is important and more important is, “What do you want that you don’t have now?”




Buy Now or Wait for What?

Sunday, March 1st, 2009 @ 9:10 pm | Buyers, Homeownership, Market Trends, Neighborhoods, San Francisco

At my last two Sunday?Open Houses?in Pacific Heights (East)

?From 1650 Jackson St #401 in Pacific Heights (East)????s deeded patio looking towards Nob Hill & the TransAmerica building in the distance


…the weather has been overcast or rainy and yet Buyers are out there looking and they are not just coming in from?my open house?signs scattered along the four neighborhood commerical areas.

?Northside of San Francisco has four great walkable neighborhood commerical areas

Buyers?are wondering?whether to wait or to buy now.?

And I have had to ask…waiting for what?

Waiting for a bargain? vs. finding a home on the North side of the city?now???

?San Francisco Change in Home Values in 2008 on Northside of the city

Waiting for where?the market?bottoms out vs.?investing in?”Location, Location, Location” in?our great city?

Note that property values are holding their own – see circled neighborhood?areas on map above and below.

Excerpt from Home Index for 4th Quarter for San Francisco

Waiting for prices to rise vs. finding the value of a home now?

Waiting for multiple offers again vs. writing an offer without the competition now?

Waiting for the interest rates to rise?vs. getting tax deductions now??

Interest Rates at a 50 Year Low -

Waiting until it is too late to meet the deadline?to use the?1st time Buyer’s stimulus tax credit package vs. taking advantage of?this $8,000 one-time incentive now?

When is waiting better, if you can get what you want now?




How Long Is “Long” in Today’s Market?

Friday, February 27th, 2009 @ 2:09 pm | Buyers, Market Trends, Real Estate, San Francisco, Sellers

“How long has this place been on the market?”…is by far the most asked question at an Open House.

Pacific Heights (East) In San Francisco CA - One Bedroom Condo with Parking & Storage for $588,000

When, in fact, the real question is?related to price and condition questions:

1.?? “How much time do I have to get my offer together?”

2.?? “Why is this property still available?”

3.?? “What is?wrong with this property?”

In today’s market, the how long is “long” is now more a statement of?today’s economy and less about “price”, in “move-in” or “brand-new” condition, and/or it’s “a fixer”.

“Long” has to do?more with most people won’t take the risk in getting?what they want.?

With the risks of today’s?economy, come the opportunities of?cheap interest rates,?affordable prices, more pristine properties,? Federal and California State 1st time Buyer incentives, and less competition from other Buyers.

The real question is “How ‘long’ will it take for?Buyers to?realize that the opportunities?of?owning a home?in San Francisco are here and they are able to get what they want today ?”




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