Snow On Them There Hills?

Friday, February 25th, 2011 @ 9:28 am | City Living, Neighborhoods, Seasons of San Francisco, Views of San Francisco

Got snow?

San Francisco is at sea level, so it is a big deal for us to have snow predicted in the next couple of days…whether or not we get some. 

In fact, San Francisco has only had snow on the ground 11 times in the past 155 years. 


Snow possible in San Francisco now?

The last time we had snow in San Francisco was 35 years ago on February 5, 1976 with one inch of snow.

Much of the terrain in San Francisco is hilly, so to have snow on our 7 Hills in San Francisco will be quite a treat!

San Francisco's typography for views

What makes San Francisco so special for everyone living in San Francisco is that we all have so many beautiful views of the hills and/or of the water…and now with snow?

Probably the best vantage point for snow sightings will be from the top of our highest hill, Twin Peaks at 922 feet above sea level, right smack dab in the center of the city with 360 degree views of the Pacific Ocean to the West, the San Francisco Bay to the North and East, and the Peninsula to the South. 

Get your camera out and make history  & share those pictures of your neighborhood…if and when it snows!




Great Views, Best Weather, & Accessibility plus …

Thursday, February 24th, 2011 @ 1:34 pm | City Living, Neighborhoods, San Francisco Real Estate, Views of San Francisco
Potrero Hill’s Big 4 means higher value
One would be hard pressed to find a nicer place to live in San Francisco than the North Slope of Potrero Hill comprising of “San Francisco’s Big 4”.    
Big 4’s – Number One:  Potrero Hill’s North Slope has  some of the most dramatic dead on (day & night) views of the downtown Finanical District skyline and the Bay Bridge.

Rhode Island and 20th by Allio from Flickr

 Big 4’s – Number Two:  The finest weather in San Francisco is on Potrero Hill  – always sunny and warm year round when the rest of the city is overcast or foggy. 
Big 4’s – Number Three: Potrero Hill has the unsurpassed accessibility to the train, BART, Muni bus line(s) and freeways. 
As a major behavorial shift in California takes hold where the vast majority of commuters will live or work near a transit stations and drive less, residential neighborhoods near transportation huds and jobs will stand out as the best valued neighborhoods in the San Francisco  . 
To the 20th Street Train Station: 4 minutes by bike,  5 minutes by Muni bus, and 12 minutes walking.
To the 16th & Mission BART Station:  10 minutes by bike, 12 minutes by 22 Muni bus – west, and  30 minutes walking.
To San Francisco’s Financial District: 19 minutes by bike, 23 minutes on 10 Muni bus, and less than 1 hour walking.
To UCSF @ Mission Bay:  5 minutes by bike, 13 minutes by 22 Muni bus – east, and 15 minutes walking.
To the 101 Interstate: Quick access North onto the Bay Bridge and South to the East side of the Peninsula to the South Bay.
To 280 Interstate : Quick access South to the Peninsula and the South Bay.
Potrero Hill’s North Slope is a low density area high on a hill – made up mainly of single family homes &  low rise condominium & apartment buildings …as compared to the  high rise residential buildings that have sprung up nearby in San Francisco’s South Beach, Yerba Buena, South of Market areas near by.
 Big 4’s – Number Four:  Potrero Hill’s North Slope  has a relaxed  small town neighborhood feel with a real sense of community and a neigbhorhood known for its walkscore’s “a walker’s paradise” to  local hangouts where everyone knows your name.

Farleys - 18th @ Missouri by cd_1940 from Flickr

The North Slope of Potrero Hill's hangouts

The North Slope of Potrero ‘s “Big’s 4” puts new meaning to “Location, Location, Location” as one of the best places to call home in San Francisco.

North Slope of Potrero Hill called "ph stormbreak by vespadiso at Flickr




San Francisco Real Estate Views Start With The Windows

The?essence of San Francisco real estate can sometimes be measured by?its?windows, as well as,?the?view through them.???

San Francisco real estate views come in all sizes through all sorts of windows, California

The?1930’s grand dames along the?San Francisco northerly skyline have the most elegant glorious spacious?rooms?with lovely views, yet?the more dramatic?floor to ceiling windows in?buildings built thereafter?capture?more of any view.?

What is your preference in finding the best views?in San Francisco real estate??

I know?how to?get them,?email?me at .




Know Your Free Days at the California Academy of Sciences

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 @ 10:57 am | City Living, In The Marina, Neighborhoods, San Francisco

Since the?California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park newly re-opened in September 2008, everyone has been anxiously waiting for their neighborhood’s zip code’s?free day.

The Northside of San Francisco has their free days in May and October in 2009 at the Caifornia Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park?

Mark your calendar as your zipcode’s 3 free days only come twice this year.

On the Northside of the city in zip codes 94115 (Pacific Heights,? Lower Pacific Heights, and Western Addition), 94118 (Presidio Heights, Laurel Heights, Jordan Park, Lake Street, Lone Mountain and the Inner Sunset) and 94121 (Sea Cliff,?Central and Outer Richmond) and 94129 (The Presidio), the free days are May 15-17 and October 2-4, 2009.

San Francisco Free Neighborhood Days for Zip Codes 94115,94118,94121,94129, CA

On the Northside of the city in zip codes 94123 (the Marina and Cow Hollow), 94115 (Russian Hill) and 94133 (North Beach and Telegraph Hill) ,the free days are May 29-31 and October 16-18, 2009.

?California Academy of Sciences???? Free Days in San Francisco Neighborhoods by Zip Codes 94123, 94109, 94133, CA

Go green and take the bus.? And start early the Academy opens on Friday and Saturday at 9:30 AM and on Sunday they open at 11:00AM.

From the West end to the central Northside of San Francisco, the bus ride easy and?scenic.

Are you aware that Muni Bus 28 is the quickest way from the Marina to Golden Park??

Don’t forget to?provide?your proof of residency by either having with you, a postmarked envelope, postcard, or magazine with?your name and date. a driver’s license that was issued in the last 6 months, or?utility bill (i.e. PG&E?or cable), bank statement, or letter from?a government agency that has your name and?address.?

Go with a?friend?from the neighborhood and enjoy your free days together this spring….otherwise you will have to wait until October for your next free days.




Go On Your Own Treasure Hunt “In The Marina”

Sunday, April 12th, 2009 @ 7:22 am | City Living, In The Marina, Neighborhoods, San Francisco

Our annual “In the Marina” Spring Clean Garage Sale will be all day Saturday, April 25th.

?Looking for bargains at the annual ??œIn The Marina??? Neighborhood-wide Spring Clean Garage Sale, San Francisco, CA

This year, as every year, those Marina residents that participate “In the Marina” Spring Clean Garage Sale receive a free garage sale kit (upon request) with 3 garage sale signs from its sponsor,

1. Each Marina participant will determine when their garage sale begins and ends by placing one sign in front of their residence and the other two signs at both ends of their street. The participants will take down their signs when their own garage sale is over.

2. The San Francisco Sign Ordinance allows for garage sale signs posted on city streets provided that: (a) The garage sale signs will be posted only on city light street posts and/or muni poles (nothing will be posted on telephone poles, stop signs, etc.), and (b) The garage sale signs clearly state the date of the event?and its sponsor.

?Signs will be posted early Saturday morning with mini-map-flyers in the Marina to show where to look for bargains, San Francisco, CA

3. Early Saturday AM, April 25th, directional signs & mini-map-flyers will be posted on Chestnut St., Marina Blvd, Bay St., and/or Fillmore St. pointing into the Marina: (a) The mini-map-flyers on the directional signs will mark the block (not the address) where a garage sale signs kits were delivered & where one might expect a garage sale during the day, (b) Mini-map-flyers will also be available at the individual garage sale locations, and (c) The directional signs will be taken down and the mini-map-flyers removed by late Saturday afternoon on the street corners.

4. All participants are encouraged to post their own ads on and/or (San Francisco Chronicle) with the details of their garage sale (i.e. what they are selling & when they will be open) to increase everyone????s success in participating in ??œIn The Marina??? Neighborhood Annual Spring Clean Garage Sale.

5. As in years past, avid garage sale aficionados that scour the ads expect all garage sales to be promptly open between 8AM or 9AM???so Marina participants are encouraged to put their signs out early & be ready for bargain-hunters.

?Take a mini-map-flyer & go on a mini-exposition thoroughout the Marina in pursuit of finding a gem of a bargain, San Francisco, CA

6. This is a neighborhood event to have fun making some extra money, meeting one’s neighbors, keeping our neighborhood clean, and afterwards…treating ourselves well by shopping & eating out locally in the Marina.




The Annual “In The Marina” Spring Clean Garage Sale Is Back!

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 @ 10:18 am | City Living, In The Marina, Neighborhoods, San Francisco

It’s April and it is time to do some Spring Cleaning!

Watch for your?door hanger…and?get?inspired to have your own Garage Sale on April 25th “in the Marina”.

Get ready, its time for the annual ??œin the Marina??? garage sale, San Francisco, CA

So check out what you need to do to participate.

Your step by step ??œTo Do List??? in getting ready for the ??œIn the Marina??? Spring Clean Garage Sale, San Francisco, CA

It is an annual event and timely…perhaps for you(?).




Where is Pacific Heights (East)?

Sunday, February 1st, 2009 @ 12:42 pm | Buyers, City Living, Neighborhoods, San Francisco

That?is a good question…even for locals. This is an area that has been described in tourist books as?Nob Hill, yet anyone in the know…knows this area is not “Nob Hill”.

Newly named neighborhood in San Francisco - ??œPacific Heights (East)

For those that know the answer to “Where? is “Pacific Heights (East)”, ?it is also the answer to “Where is the essence of San Francisco’s ‘city living’, ‘a walkable neighborhood’ and ‘places to hang out in’?”…

The newly named “Pacific Heights (East)” neighborhood runs?West to East from?Van Ness to Larkin and?North to South from Broadway to California between Polk Street’s Neighborhood Commerical Area.

Come by and see for yourself…you will want to live here!




Picture Perfect San Francisco!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 @ 10:50 am | City Living, San Francisco

Need I remind you to take your camera with you after sunset this week?

Hunter Moon at Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco, CA

If you recall, last month in my article entitled “Did You Know San Francisco Celebrates the Moon?”, I said that Thursday, October 25, 2007 will once more be the perfect photo opportunity for us to take pictures of the Hunter Moon over San Francisco.

This is the last time this year that we will be able to take pictures at a decent hour from our every own San Francisco neighborhood street corners of the moon.

On Thursday evening, the moon will be rising at 5:51 P.M. while the sun will be setting 6:20 P.M. and dark at 7:17 P.M and a full Hunter Moon at 9:52 P.M.

Have fun. I????ll share if you share.




Part One – Wait and See or Get-in Now?

Monday, October 22nd, 2007 @ 8:05 am | City Living, Real Estate, San Francisco


If the steady stream of visitors at my Open House on Sunday on Telegraph Hill in North Beach

Sunny Afternoon in North Beach on Washington Square, San Francisco, CA

was any indication of how the real estate market is in San Francisco, maybe Buyers are finally realizing that it may be a really good time to get back in .

The old adage Location, Location, Location has now been replaced by Price, Condition, Location And the Buyers out on that warm sunny afternoon checking out the inventory knew the new mantra.





?Slipping Cafe Lattes outside on Columbus Street in North Beach, San Francisco, CA


Maybe these potential Buyers all came up the Hill to see me on Sunday at my Open House because of reading the Ben Stein article Gloom Sayers Should Look Up in the Sunday New York Times while slipping a caf latte out in front of Caff Greco  before strolling up to? Caff Trieste  to chat with the die hard locals over an espresso.  Maybe it was then that these potential Buyers on that Sunday morning thought to themselves, Let s give it one more try. If they were really going to be a part of this neighborhood, they wanted to own apart of it too.

So I imagined, out in front of Caffe Trieste, they got down to business circling the open houses in the Sunday Chronicle Open Home Guide. Having done this drill before, these Buyers knew to look under both North
Beach and Telegraph Hill in the Guide before heading out by foot to find their dream home in paradise on another wonderful sunny afternoon.

In the North Beach section of the Guide, there were 8 properties that were open for viewing that ranged in prices from $539,000 for a one bedroom condo to $1,799,000 for 2 units on Washington Square. 

And in Telegraph Hill section of the Guide, there were 7 properties open that ranged from $419,000 for one bedroom Tenants-In-Common (also known as a TIC, I ll explain this type of ownership in another article) to one of those  essence of San Francisco view homes that I was holding open for $3,695,000 (4+ bedrooms and 4.5 baths with a rare 2 car garage on Telegraph Hill) with fabulous views of Nob Hill, Russian Hill, and the Golden Gate Bridge (similar to the view I have in one of my website rotating header pictures).

Continue on to Part Two- Wait & See or Get In Now to determine what is right for you.





Did You Know San Francisco Celebrates the Moon?

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 @ 9:28 pm | City Living, San Francisco

While Westerners may talk about the man in the moon , the Chinese speak of the woman in the moon .

Harvest Moon over San Francisco, CA

As our days are getting noticeably shorter with the Autumn Equinox now behind us, there is good reason why every San Franciscan takes notice of the moon.? Both September Harvest and October Hunter s full moons rise in the East roughly at approximately the same time the sun sets in the West and vice a versa in the early morning. What a perfect time for every San Franciscan to celebrate the Chinese woman in the moon ?

?17th Annual Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival Street Fair, San Francisco,?CA

On the 15t h day of the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the bounty of the summer harvest, the fullness of the moon and the immortal moon Goddess, Chang O (who lives in the moon) is celebrated in different parts of Asia with festivals of many names: the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Moon Festival,?and/or Moon Cake Festival.

Idle Dragon awaiting to dance down Grant Street at the 2007 Chinatown Annual Autumn Moon Festival Street Fair, San Francisco,?CA

One of two auspicious San Francisco festivals in Chinatown each year (Chinese Lunar New Year being the other) is the highly celebrated Annual Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival Street Fair and one not to be missed next year.

Dragon Dance at the 2007 Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival, San Francisco,?CA


Walking down Grant Street, one can easily imagine being at any one of these Asian festivals with the excitement of dragon dancers performing to the beat of the drums and gongs.

In concert Chinese Opera at the Annual Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival Street Fair, San Francisco,?CA?

And listening to the unique sound of a Chinese Opera in concert on the street.



Street Vendors sold Moon Cakes at the Chinatown Annual Autumn Moon Festival, San Francisco,?CA

And the sound of Chinese vendors calling out , (moon cakes, moon cakes) on the street, as they sell the traditional festival food, the moon cake. The moon cake is to be eaten outside under the Harvest Moon with good friends and family, looking up at the rising woman in the moon , as the moon cake symbolizes a Chinese Thanksgiving of sorts as the bounty of the summer harvest ends.

What better time to eat a moon cake with man????s best friend in San Francisco,?CA

Mark your calendar now for another San Francisco photo-op as the October Hunter Moon rises on Thursday, October 25 just as the sun is setting at 5:51 PM and look for the woman in the moon.






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