Great Views, Best Weather, & Accessibility plus …

Thursday, February 24th, 2011 @ 1:34 pm | City Living, Neighborhoods, San Francisco Real Estate, Views of San Francisco
Potrero Hill’s Big 4 means higher value
One would be hard pressed to find a nicer place to live in San Francisco than the North Slope of Potrero Hill comprising of “San Francisco’s Big 4”.    
Big 4’s – Number One:  Potrero Hill’s North Slope has  some of the most dramatic dead on (day & night) views of the downtown Finanical District skyline and the Bay Bridge.

Rhode Island and 20th by Allio from Flickr

 Big 4’s – Number Two:  The finest weather in San Francisco is on Potrero Hill  – always sunny and warm year round when the rest of the city is overcast or foggy. 
Big 4’s – Number Three: Potrero Hill has the unsurpassed accessibility to the train, BART, Muni bus line(s) and freeways. 
As a major behavorial shift in California takes hold where the vast majority of commuters will live or work near a transit stations and drive less, residential neighborhoods near transportation huds and jobs will stand out as the best valued neighborhoods in the San Francisco  . 
To the 20th Street Train Station: 4 minutes by bike,  5 minutes by Muni bus, and 12 minutes walking.
To the 16th & Mission BART Station:  10 minutes by bike, 12 minutes by 22 Muni bus – west, and  30 minutes walking.
To San Francisco’s Financial District: 19 minutes by bike, 23 minutes on 10 Muni bus, and less than 1 hour walking.
To UCSF @ Mission Bay:  5 minutes by bike, 13 minutes by 22 Muni bus – east, and 15 minutes walking.
To the 101 Interstate: Quick access North onto the Bay Bridge and South to the East side of the Peninsula to the South Bay.
To 280 Interstate : Quick access South to the Peninsula and the South Bay.
Potrero Hill’s North Slope is a low density area high on a hill – made up mainly of single family homes &  low rise condominium & apartment buildings …as compared to the  high rise residential buildings that have sprung up nearby in San Francisco’s South Beach, Yerba Buena, South of Market areas near by.
 Big 4’s – Number Four:  Potrero Hill’s North Slope  has a relaxed  small town neighborhood feel with a real sense of community and a neigbhorhood known for its walkscore’s “a walker’s paradise” to  local hangouts where everyone knows your name.

Farleys - 18th @ Missouri by cd_1940 from Flickr

The North Slope of Potrero Hill's hangouts

The North Slope of Potrero ‘s “Big’s 4” puts new meaning to “Location, Location, Location” as one of the best places to call home in San Francisco.

North Slope of Potrero Hill called "ph stormbreak by vespadiso at Flickr



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