Wandering into Sea Cliff

Homes along El Camino Del Mar in Sea Cliff San Francisco

Have you ever wandered around San Francisco and came upona neighborhood that you fell in love with …and you didn’t even knowwhere you were

And the next thing you wondered was, can we afford it?

As I was putting out my last Open House Sign this past Sunday in Sea Cliff, a couple stopped me to ask me just that….”What is this neighborhood called?” and “How much are these homes selling go for?”. I told them to follow me into my Open House to find out more.

They loved the grand homes ┬ástyle of architecture and they were fasinated by the gently sloping streets that captured the views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the water at every turn. Had they wandered 2 or 3 blocks to the West, they would have been on the Lincoln Park Golf Course and 2 or 3 blocks to the North, they would have found the path down the cliff to China Beach, not to mention the world class path along the water’s edge from Ocean Beach to Crissy Field.

Close enough to the water to hear the waves at night


The streets of Sea Cliff climb up the hillside gently to capture the views of the Golden Gate

Anyone wandering into one of my Open Houses will walk out with more knowledge about the real estate market activity for the surrounding neighborhood(s) and San Francisco’s Real Estate trends & other statistics than when they walked in.

As someone said at last week’s Open House, “It is like you set up a real estate course here”.

In our rapidly changing San Francisco market, it is a difficult decision in finding, much less choosing, a real estate agent to assist one in buying and or selling one of their most important and largest investments, their home. Therefore, what better place for them to start their interview process than at an Open House, by interviewing for their future agent.

Every Buyer and Seller wants to understand the real estate market before they buy or sell and while I am at an Open House to show them the value of the home I am selling, I am also there…prepared to show them why it is the best time in history to buy or sell a house and why I may be the best agent to get them where they want to go or be at the best possible price.

For example at last week’s Open House, one of my hand-outs, The 3 Year Trend of Homes SOLD in Sea Cliff and in the Surrounding Neighborhoods over $1.5 Million showed that the real estate market is beginning to show momentum upward with:

    • The Median SOLD Price in December 2010 at $1,865,000, up 2.8% from $1,815,000 in December 2009, yet down -1.6% from $1,898,250 in November 2010.
    • The Average SOLD Price in December 2010 was $2,669,750, up from $1,895,667 in December 2009 and up 12.2% from $2,380,417 in November 2010.


    • December 2010 Average SOLD Price was at highest level compared to December of 2009 and 2008.


SOLD Prices are fairly stable over $1.5 Million in the past 3 years

I quickly explained that with zero SOLDS reported in January & February 2009 and February 2010 as indicated by the arrows above, there is an explainable dip in the trends for those months.

Let’s meet. Stop by and pick up one of my hand-outs at any of my Open Houses…and let’s start the interview process by asking me. “How’s the market?”.

Just follow my Open House Signs, they are everywhere! Or give me a tweet @AnnScherbert.

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