Marina Trivia Is Worth Knowing

Marina neighbors know and?tourist’s books show that there is an?island on the Lagoon at the Palace of Fine Arts.? The Lagoon at the Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina District, San Francisco, CA

Yet, it is worth knowing what the coveted 2000 block of Jefferson has been touting for decades…and that is, there is another island in the Marina District of San Francisco.

Over the years, these neighbors have shared and accumulated?documentation showing that they are living on top of an?”ancient island” that was mapped as early as?1789,? just off of?”Wash Woman Cove”.

The prized sketch showing the ??œancient island??? surrounded by water in the Marina, San Francisco, CA

These neighbors know the “ancient island” as “Strawberry Island” surrounded by an estuary to the West and South West and the Bay to the North and North East?extending over portions of 10 blocks in the?Marina.?

Excerpted from the National Geologic Map Data Base -the Marina????s Strawberry Island is also shown as ??œQb???, San Francisco, CA

The National Geologic Map Data Base for the Marina also shows “Strawberry Island” as “Qb” made up of coarse gravel and large cobble stones.

?Explanation of Surfical Deposits show the ??œQb??? is coarse sand, gravel and cobble stones in the Marina, San Francisco, CA,?

This little bit of Marina trival is worth?knowing, if you live on “Strawberry Island”.



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