Go On Your Own Treasure Hunt “In The Marina”

Sunday, April 12th, 2009 @ 7:22 am | City Living, In The Marina, Neighborhoods, San Francisco

Our annual “In the Marina” Spring Clean Garage Sale will be all day Saturday, April 25th.

?Looking for bargains at the annual ??œIn The Marina??? Neighborhood-wide Spring Clean Garage Sale, San Francisco, CA

This year, as every year, those Marina residents that participate “In the Marina” Spring Clean Garage Sale receive a free garage sale kit (upon request) with 3 garage sale signs from its sponsor, ColdwellBanker@AnnScherbert.com

1. Each Marina participant will determine when their garage sale begins and ends by placing one sign in front of their residence and the other two signs at both ends of their street. The participants will take down their signs when their own garage sale is over.

2. The San Francisco Sign Ordinance allows for garage sale signs posted on city streets provided that: (a) The garage sale signs will be posted only on city light street posts and/or muni poles (nothing will be posted on telephone poles, stop signs, etc.), and (b) The garage sale signs clearly state the date of the event?and its sponsor.

?Signs will be posted early Saturday morning with mini-map-flyers in the Marina to show where to look for bargains, San Francisco, CA

3. Early Saturday AM, April 25th, directional signs & mini-map-flyers will be posted on Chestnut St., Marina Blvd, Bay St., and/or Fillmore St. pointing into the Marina: (a) The mini-map-flyers on the directional signs will mark the block (not the address) where a garage sale signs kits were delivered & where one might expect a garage sale during the day, (b) Mini-map-flyers will also be available at the individual garage sale locations, and (c) The directional signs will be taken down and the mini-map-flyers removed by late Saturday afternoon on the street corners.

4. All participants are encouraged to post their own ads on www.craigslist.com and/or www.sfgate.com (San Francisco Chronicle) with the details of their garage sale (i.e. what they are selling & when they will be open) to increase everyone????s success in participating in ??œIn The Marina??? Neighborhood Annual Spring Clean Garage Sale.

5. As in years past, avid garage sale aficionados that scour the ads expect all garage sales to be promptly open between 8AM or 9AM???so Marina participants are encouraged to put their signs out early & be ready for bargain-hunters.

?Take a mini-map-flyer & go on a mini-exposition thoroughout the Marina in pursuit of finding a gem of a bargain, San Francisco, CA

6. This is a neighborhood event to have fun making some extra money, meeting one’s neighbors, keeping our neighborhood clean, and afterwards…treating ourselves well by shopping & eating out locally in the Marina.



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