Recognizing the “Real Value” of 1 Bedroom Condos on the Northside

So far this year…1st time Buyers looking at Open Houses on the Northside of San Francisco may be finding the 1+ Bedroom condo market below $700,000 a bit complex…

Up to $700K On the Northside of San Francisco????s 1+ Bedroom Real Estate Market 2009 to 3-02

…even if you do the numbers?to check out price per square feet, days on the market/when properties came on the? market, original price?/current price, built date, …etc. etc. etc.??

This is not an ordinary market on the Northside of San Francisco. And Buyers that are really seriously looking to buy and do not have an agent yet…need an “experienced” agent?early on.

At my Open Houses now, I have set up an easel to show 1st time Buyers the opportunities they are not recognizing for themselves.

Illustrating that is no ordinary San Francisco real estate market but a rare moment of opportunity

Cutting through the numbers on a spreadsheet and visiting open houses is worth the time in recognizing this rare moment in time for 1st time Buyers on the Northside of San Francisco.

Yet,?there are actually 3 markets for one bedroom condos on?the North side of the city…

Three One Bedroom Condo Markets on the Northside of San Francisco, CA in early March 2009

… and without recognizing these 3 markets, one will not to?see the “real values” of buying in?the one bedroom condo market?on the Northside of San Francisco.

Market One – New construction with & without parking located on the edges of the Northside of San Francisco.?

Market Two – Condos without parking or with only leased parking available are generally considered the lower end of the market.

Market Three- Condos with parking (deeded) that is included in the price of the condo?tend to have the highest resale value of all three markets.

Recognizing the?”real value” of?each of these one bedroom markets is important and more important is, “What do you want that you don’t have now?”



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