In The Marina Fall Clean Garage Sale

Monday, September 15th, 2008 @ 7:55 am | In The Marina, Neighborhoods, San Francisco

Where to look for Garage Sales in the MarinaWelcome to ??œIn The Marina??? Neighborhood Annual Fall Clean Garage Sale on Saturday, September 20th and Sunday, September 21st???

? I am providing three signs for those that request a sign kit from me with their address printed on them to be used while their garage sale?is in progress: Place one sign in front of your residence. Place the other two signs at both ends of your street. Take down your signs when your own garage sale is over.? Use them whenever you have your next garage sale???or keep them to use again at our next ??œIn The Marina??? Neighborhood Annual Spring Clean Garage Sale…in April 2009.

Note on the Map: Early Saturday Morning on September 20th, I will be placing directional signs (the red dots) pointing into the Marina from Chestnut Street, along Marina Boulevard, Cervantes, and Bay Street, inviting people to come into our neighborhood and look for? individual garage sales in progress.?? Late Sunday afternoon on September 21st, I will take down these same directional signs (the red dots).

I am advertising the ??œIn The Marina??? Neighborhood Annual Fall Clean Garage Sale in the Chronicle all week, on, and on, and various websites are picking up our? ??œIn the Marina??? neighborhood garage sales as well, so you should get a lot of activity. If you want to advertise your individual garage sale, go to and be sure to mention what you are selling and when you will be open???.also by making reference to our? ??œIn The Marina??? Neighborhood Annual Fall Clean Garage Sale on Saturday, September 20th & Sunday, September 21st, you and all the other garage sales will benefit and this will increase everyone????s success! Don????t forget to have fun and do tell your neighbors to call or email me for their garage sale sign kits too.

Also watch for my?door hangers and my other?”Join your neighbors …???œIn The Marina??? community service activities in the Marina Times, the ?monthly periodical for?the neighborhood.?



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