Part One – Wait and See or Get-in Now?

Monday, October 22nd, 2007 @ 8:05 am | City Living, Real Estate, San Francisco


If the steady stream of visitors at my Open House on Sunday on Telegraph Hill in North Beach

Sunny Afternoon in North Beach on Washington Square, San Francisco, CA

was any indication of how the real estate market is in San Francisco, maybe Buyers are finally realizing that it may be a really good time to get back in .

The old adage Location, Location, Location has now been replaced by Price, Condition, Location And the Buyers out on that warm sunny afternoon checking out the inventory knew the new mantra.





?Slipping Cafe Lattes outside on Columbus Street in North Beach, San Francisco, CA


Maybe these potential Buyers all came up the Hill to see me on Sunday at my Open House because of reading the Ben Stein article Gloom Sayers Should Look Up in the Sunday New York Times while slipping a caf latte out in front of Caff Greco  before strolling up to? Caff Trieste  to chat with the die hard locals over an espresso.  Maybe it was then that these potential Buyers on that Sunday morning thought to themselves, Let s give it one more try. If they were really going to be a part of this neighborhood, they wanted to own apart of it too.

So I imagined, out in front of Caffe Trieste, they got down to business circling the open houses in the Sunday Chronicle Open Home Guide. Having done this drill before, these Buyers knew to look under both North
Beach and Telegraph Hill in the Guide before heading out by foot to find their dream home in paradise on another wonderful sunny afternoon.

In the North Beach section of the Guide, there were 8 properties that were open for viewing that ranged in prices from $539,000 for a one bedroom condo to $1,799,000 for 2 units on Washington Square. 

And in Telegraph Hill section of the Guide, there were 7 properties open that ranged from $419,000 for one bedroom Tenants-In-Common (also known as a TIC, I ll explain this type of ownership in another article) to one of those  essence of San Francisco view homes that I was holding open for $3,695,000 (4+ bedrooms and 4.5 baths with a rare 2 car garage on Telegraph Hill) with fabulous views of Nob Hill, Russian Hill, and the Golden Gate Bridge (similar to the view I have in one of my website rotating header pictures).

Continue on to Part Two- Wait & See or Get In Now to determine what is right for you.




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